My name is Manil and this is my online academy to help test-takers prepare for the IELTS test and students learn and improve English for daily use or office work.

 I have been teaching full time for IELTS and English for close to 4 years now and many many more part time. I have guided hundreds of students in their IELTS journey to go abroad to study, work or find a new life. I have helped many improve their English for a better understanding of their courses or to climb up the corporate ladder. My teaching methodology is simple and focuses on helping you find that sweet spot where English becomes easy for you to use everywhere.

I have appeared for both the Academic and the General Training IELTS tests and scored Overall Band scores of 8.5 on both. I have completed my English as a Second language (ESL) Trainer certification course with a Canadian institute.

Prior to teaching for IELTS I worked with a school for special needs children and founded a website that helped volunteers and NGOs connect. I have many years of work experience in the corporate world as well. I worked with hotels, textiles, machinery and banking before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey.

I hope you will give me an opportunity to make a positive difference in your life by joining one of my course that have been added to this platform.

Until I see you, take care and before you leave I want to leave you with a motto I share with all my students

Keep it simple and stick to the basics



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