Be a Star Conversationalist

Be a Star Conversationalist!

Be a Star Conversationalist!

If you are Enrolled to the English 365 course, you are on your way to enhancing your vocabulary...
You can use it in the best way if you know how to start a conversation correctly! 

Many times, you have a lot to say but are not able to express yourself.

99% of the time this is because you don't know how to start!!!

Let me show you how to be a Star Conversationalist!

Know exactly how to begin a conversation be it talking to your boss at work or that one person you like at a party, on your first date, or when you want to speak with a new person!

In this course, you learn conversation starters for various scenarios that include work, social gatherings, and personal events.

You also get to learn what not to do and what to avoid completely so that the other person does not walk away from you.

So don't wait! Click on the link below and Enroll Now!

Course Curriculum

Just Imagine...
How to start a conversation?
Scene 1 - Work
Scene 2 - Work - First Day
Scene 3 - Work - Everyday
Scene 4 - Office Party
Scene 5 - First Date
Scene 6 - Social Gathering
Scene 7 - Texting Conversation Starters
Runaway topics
Politics - A forbidden fruit
Religion - To each his own
Money Matters
Where is the weighing scale?

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