Effective E-Mail Writing

Be the E-Mail Boss

Be the E-mail Boss

Unlock the Power of Persuasive and Professional Email Communication

Course Curriculum

Introduction to writing Effective Emails!
Module 1 - Fundamentals of Email Communication Preview
Module 2 - Writing Clear & Concise Emails
Module 3 - Crafting Engaging Email Content
Module 4 - Politeness, Professionalism and Etiquettes in Email Writing
Module 5 - Timely and Efficient Follow-up Strategies
Bonus 1 - Vocabulary for E-Mails
Introduction Preview
Job Application
Providing Updates or Sharing Information
Confirming Details or Availability
Requesting Meetings
Rescheduling or Changing Plans
Expressing Gratitude
Sending Attachments
Seeking Clarification or Assistance
Formality and Politeness
Bonus 2 - Sample E-Mails
Job Application
General Template
Application for Marketing Coordinator Position
Application for Software Developer Position
Application for Entry-Level Software Developer Position
Application for Administrative Assistant Position
Application for Sales Representative Position Preview
Application for Graphic Designer Position
Formal Requests
Requesting a Meeting
Requesting Information
Requesting a Recommendation Letter
Requesting a Favour
Requesting a Change or Adjustment
Client Communication
Introduce Yourself to a New Client
Provide Project Updates
Request Feedback
Offer Additional Products or Services
Express Gratitude for a Successful Project or Collaboration
Informal Business Communication with Colleagues
Requesting Assistance from a Colleague
Sharing a Helpful Resource
Expressing Appreciation for a Colleague's help
Arranging a Casual Team get-together
Sharing Exciting News or Updates
Email to a Neighbour asking for Information or Assistance
Asking for Recommendations for a Local Service
Asking for local information or tips
Asking for help with a small task
Asking for information about local community events
Asking for advice or recommendations on a neighborhood issue
Business Emails
Introducing yourself and your company to a prospective client
Sending quotation to a client - Basic Quotation Email
Sending quotation to a client - Detailed Quotation Email
Follow-Up Quotation Email
Requesting introductory meeting with a Prospective Client

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